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HP Compaq  Presario 1700XL Series AC Adapter

HP Compaq Presario 1700XL Series AC Adapter

Manufacturer: Compaq/HP
This is a Brand New Original AC Adapter for HP Compaq Notebooks.

Part Numbers: 198713-001, 222113-001, 180676-001, 177626-001, 198237-001, 298239-001, 298237-001, PA-1600-01.

Compatible Notebook Models:

HP Compaq Presario 1700XL Series : Presario 1700XL260, 1700XL261, 1700XL262, 1700XL264, 1700XL265, 1700XL266, 1700XL274, 1700XL275, 1700XL360, 1700XL361, 1700XL362, 1700XL363, 1700XL364, 1700XL365, 1700XL366, 1700XL367, 1700XL368, 1700XL369, 1700XL370, 1700XL371, 1700XL372, 1700XL373, 1700XL374, 1700XL375, 1700XL376, 1700XL377, 1700XL378, 17XL, 17XL2, 17XL26, 17XL260, 17XL261, 17XL262, 17XL264, 17XL265, 17XL266, 17XL27, 17XL274, 17XL275, 17XL36, 17XL360, 17XL361, 17XL362, 17XL364, 17XL365, 17XL366, 17XL367, 17XL368, 17XL369, 17XL37, 17XL370, 17XL371, 17XL372, 17XL373, 17XL374, 17XL375, 17XL376, 17XL377, 17XL378, 17XL379, 17XL38, 17XL380, 17XL4, 17XL46, 17XL460, 17XL461, 17XL462, 17XL463, 17XL464, 17XL465, 17XL466, 17XL467, 17XL468, 17XL469, 17XL47, 17XL470, 17XL471, 17XL473, 17XL474, 17XL475, 17XL476, 17XL477, 17XL48, 17XL480, 17XL482, 17XL485, 17XL488, 17XL49, 17XL490, 17XL492, 17XL56, 17XL561, 17XL562, 17XL563, 17XL564, 17XL565, 17XL566, 17XL567, 17XL568, 17XL569, 17XL57, 17XL570, 17XL571, 17XL572, 17XL573, 17XL574, 17XL575, 17XL576, 17XL577, 17XL578, 17XL579, 17XL58, 17XL580.

Product Specifications:

Power Cord: Included
Output: 19 Volt, 3.16A
Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.5A.
Condition: Brand New
In Stock: Yes

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